$18 gets you a domain for one year.

BornYet in a nutshell:
Your friends want to know the moment your baby is born.
What's up? Can't wait to meet y'all.

BornYet makes that job super simple, by giving you a sign-up form on your own custom website that you can share in the weeks before baby is born.

Your site shows your fetonym and any other information you want to show, like your due date, your name(s) and a link to your gift registry.

Here's an example:

How it works

In the form above, type in your baby's fetonym (i.e. its nickname in utero).

A domain costs $18, and it's yours for a year.

While your baby gestates

Add your friends’ emails to your announcement list. Or, share your custom URL, and watch as people sign up to be notified. Perhaps they’ll even buy something off your registry.

As labor approaches

Send as many updates as you'd like to your fan base. They're wondering how you're doing.

When your baby is born

Log into BornYet from your phone, and with a couple of taps, your page will be updated, and we'll email the news to all your fans.


Not born yet →
Before baby is born, your BornYet site shows a egg along with a sign-up form that fans can use to receive the baby announcement email. It can also show a link to your gift registry.

Born →
After baby is born, your site shows the picture you've uploaded of your baby (or, if you'd prefer, a happy baby dino) and all the info about your kid — name, weight, height, gift registry — that you want to share.


How private is this?

It's as private as you want it to be. You're not required to add any identifying information about you or your child, except your email address, which will never be made public or used for spam.

Meanwhile, BornYet domains are set up to not be indexed by search engines. And I'll never publish a list of BornYet sites. So the only people who will know about your domain are those you tell.

How do I add details to my page?

After you sign up, you'll get access to a control panel that allows you to add things like: your name(s), your due date, and a link to your gift registry. Once baby is born, you can add his/her name, sex, weight, and height. You can change any of this at any time.

You'll also be able to see everyone who signed up to be notified, and send any (or all) of them email announcements, written by you.

Are my friends’ email addresses safe with you?

100% yes. Any email address submitted to a BornYet domain will only be used to receive announcements posted by the account owner. We will never spam your friends, or you.

What does this cost?

$18. That gets you a custom domain for one year. You can pay with any major credit card.

Why do I have to give you my credit card?

You're actually not giving it to me at all. Payments are processed through a service called Stripe. I never have access your credit card information -- it goes directly to Stripe. Stripe has top-notch security practices, which you can review here.

What if I'm having twins?

First, take a deep breath. Then click here.

I don't need to set a password. How come?

Not having a password makes it easier for you to use the site in the hectic time after baby is born. Instead of being forced to remember a password that you set months earlier, you'll click a special link on your page, get sent a secret URL via email, click it, and — voila — you'll be in. Easy.

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Who made this

BornYet is made by me, Sandor Weisz. I'm a web designer and educator in Chicago, where I live with my wife and two kids. The idea came from my experiences in the days leading up to, and the hectic hours after, the birth of my kids. I wish I had had something like this back then. I hope you find it useful. Please email me with any questions, requests, or troubles with the site.

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